The Leatherwork School Book

The Leatherwork School Book is a comprehensive guide to European luxury leatherwork techniques. With ten projects (including downloadable patterns) and more than 500 photographs, Leatherwork School gives you the techniques, and step-by-step instruction you need to either get started in this wonderful craft or leapfrog your existing skills. This indispensable handbook will allow you to tackle increasingly sophisticated projects ranging from beginner to advanced.


Price: $69.99

Kit Belt Project: Plexi Cutting Pattern

This three piece, 3/8″ thick plexi kit is a great companion for the Kit Belt project from The Leatherwork School book. It will help you make precision cuts to the belt strap, ensuring a great fit, a perfect strap taper, and accurate hole placement. While the kit is optional, this plexi kit will make it easier to cut more accurately.

The kit consists of three pieces:

1) 18″x 1/14″ (45cm x 3.2cm) strap template – better than any ruler because it is the perfect width!
2) Tapered End Template with 5 holes
3) Single Hole End Template


Price: $17.99

Belt Kit Project: 32mm (1 1/4″) Detachable Belt Buckle

This luxury detachable belt buckle allows you to move the buckle to any 32mm (1 1/4″) belt strap. This buckle is used to construct the Belt Kit found in the Leatherwork School book and will also fit many 32mm belt straps being produced by the finest luxury brands.

Click on the buckle image to see the other finishes

Please specify which buckle type you want:

High polish solid brass with gold plating
High polish solid brass with palladium plating
Satin finish solid brass with gold plating
Satin finish solid brass with palladium plating


Price: $39.99