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Choose Your Pattern Format: Wide Format or Tiled

The patterns come in 3 different digital PDF formats:

1) Full Sheet Patterns are designed to be printed at a blueprint or copy shop on a wide format printer

2) Tiled Letter Size (8.5”x11”) Patterns

3) Tiled A4 Size (210mm x 297 mm)

Both the Letter and A4 patterns are designed to print on a desktop printer. While the desktop printer patterns are very convenient, extreme care must be made when assembling the patterns so that you retain the exact measurements. 1/16” (1.5mm) off here and there when putting your pattern together may result in challenges in your project assembly or a poor final result. While printing your patterns at a blueprint or copy shop on a wide format printer may cost small amount, you will have accurate patterns that do not require assembly.

As you send your patterns to a desktop printer, be sure that you are printing “Actual Size” so that scaling doesn’t interfere with pattern dimensions.  Also make sure that you are using the correct size paper (letter or A4).
The first page is a full color pattern cover sheet.  You can print this if you like or omit if you are wanting to save on toner! Start by printing the second page of the pattern.  This page includes an assembly grid to visually show you how the pattern pages should be assembled and a scale in both metric and imperial.  Measure the scaled box and line.  If your printed box and/or line do not match the measurements on your ruler, your printer is not calibrated. In this case, it is highly advised that you take your patterns to a blueprint shop for printing on a calibrated printer.  The shop usually calibrates their printer regularly, but still check the printouts.  If they are not calibrated, they should call a repairman and you should order a reprint.

If you are printing your patterns at a blueprint or copy shop, it is very important that the patterns be printed at 100%, NOT SCALED.  Each pattern sheet is a slightly different size depending on the project, but will fit within standard wide format printers.  Just reinforce to your printer that you do not want them scaled.

Assembling the Tiled Patterns

Once your pattern is fully printed, start with the second paper piece and trim the left long edge using the corner indicator circles so that the second page aligns with the first.  We only put circles where you must have a precise match.

You are encouraged to use a paper cutter to save time and ensure a straight cut, but a pair of scissors will work.

As you move down the pattern, you may have to trim the top and one side edge of each piece. Make sure to match up the pattern indicators and circles on each page and tape each edge with clear tape.

Always have backup tape handy, as this process is tape-intensive and there isn’t anything worse than running out of tape in the middle of the process.

Backing the Patterns with Cardstock Paper

Once all of the pieces are taped together, cut the pattern pieces slightly larger than the pattern.  Using spray glue, rubber cement or a glue stick, mount the pattern pieces to a heavy poster board or cardstock.  Trim the patterns to exact.  You can assemble just the patterns you want to make or you can print, assemble and back all of the patterns at once so they are assembled when you are ready to start a new project.

The Downloads

The Bonus Items

Thank you for purchasing the Leatherwork School book.  Below are your bonus items:

Design Template

Kit Belt Sizing Guide

The Patterns

Kit Belt

Passport Envelope

See combined wide format bundle below

Zip Wallet

See combined wide format bundle below.

Valet Tray

See combined wide format bundle below

Gadget Bag

See combined wide format bundle below

Passport Envelope, Zip Wallet, Valet Tray and Gadget Bag Combined in One File


T Tote

Enchape Bag

Top Handle Bag

Round Handle

Round Handle Instructions

All Patterns Wide Format Bundle

All Patterns Cover Pictures

All Patterns A4 Tiled Bundle

All Patterns Letter Tiled Bundle

Valet Tray Monogram Files Download

These files are used exclusively for the Valet Tray project.  If you would like a single letter monogram in the bottom of the tray, download the corresponding letter from the list below, taking care to download the file according to the size of paper (Letter (8 1/2″ x 11″) or A4 (210mm x 297mm).