Grow your skills, Increase your sophistication, Eliminate costly mistakes, and  Upgrade your confidence with Leatherwork School from Ellen Valentine.

You can try to figure high-end European Leatherwork design and construction techniques on your own,  risking frustration, costly mistakes and stalled projects.


In Leatherwork School, author Ellen Valentine reveals her proven techniques and know-how to allow you to one-up your skills and learn new approaches to design, pattern making and construction.




Color Photos

Tackle more sophisticated projects

Understand fundamentals of patternmaking

Learn how                    to go 3D                    with gussets

Master core    assembly      techniques

Leatherwork School Book Contents

Each page gives you full details on many aspects of leatherworking with a focus on hand-stitched leathergoods.  This comprehensive book includes the following chapters:

Inside the Leatherwork School Book

Full Color on Every Page

Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Instruction

Leatherwork School Book Projects

Leatherwork School contains 10 Projects with skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced.  Purchase of the book includes detailed full color assembly instructions and full size digital downloadable patterns in 3 formats: Wide Format, A4 Tiled Paper and Letter Tiled Paper:

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Leatherwork School Book Testimonials 

“If you are serious about going to the next skill level, then you have to buy this book”

Atelier Louie

“Thank you for all that you do, and shining a spotlight into the lost art of fine craftsmanship and always willing to share your knowledge and resources with all of us.”


“I can honestly say that this is by far my favorite leatherwork book.  Highly Recommended”


“Not just a book for on the coffee table, but worthwhile to be read.  Full of advice and tips.”

Dutch Creek Bags

“Thank you for this book! It’s the perfect balance between beginner and experienced leatherworker.  I’m proud to be the owner of your work and I hope you’re proud of yourself as this piece is a masterpiece.  Look forward to sharing these projects on my IG over the coming months!”

Linton Leather

“The book surpassed all my expectations. Ellen wrote the real encyclopedia for the master: both for beginner and advanced artisans. She collected in her not only her knowledge, but also the secrets of skill who learned during her travels and teachings from the best masters of the whole world. In the book is very detailed , which will be needed from tools, what techniques better to use, , very detailed and very useful I sincerely admire the book. Thank you, Ellen for this edition.”


“This book is wonderful, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in leatherwork. Thanks @leatherworkschool for sharing your skill and knowledge, and thanks for that tip on prototyping in felt; it’s so much easier and faster.”


“Am so excited to be next to have your book in my ever-growing library. On my way to order it now . . . THANK YOU for all of your work and sharing your jewels of knowledge.”

CLB Leather Design

“I wrote the book I wish I would have had when I decided I wanted to specialize in the art and craft of European Leatherworking”

About Ellen Valentine

Making things is literally in her blood.  She made her first handbag when she was in second grade.  Then she took a long winding road through many other creative pursuits before she came back to designing and making leather goods and handbags.  One day while doing some genealogy research, she found a direct descendent advertising his downtown Boston leather goods shop in the 1854 Boston Almanac.  That discovery further reinforced that she was born for this business.

Once she settled on working with leather as her life’s work, she set about to learn everything she could about this time-honored craft.  She has traveled all over the world, working with the finest craftsmen, suppliers and dealers in North America, Britain, Europe and Asia to hone her talents. She trained with first and second generation luxury leathergoods makers who worked at leading brands, learning the processes and techniques used to design and construct timeless classics.

Her greatest joy is working with clients and students to help them create fabulous bespoke pieces.

Valentine and her studio are based in Orlando, Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy the book at retailers?
In the US, the only place you can purchase the book is from this website,  Very soon, we will be distributing the book with a European distributor and an Asia Pacific Distributor.  In the meantime, you can order direct and we will ship overseas to you.
Are you distributing the book through Amazon?
Amazon is a great platform and we are fans, but the distribution and selling margins do not permit us to make a fair profit.  In order for the profit equation to work, you need to purchase the book here at 
Is there a Kindle version?
At this time, there is not a Kindle version. Be sure to download our Resource Guide so that we can add you to our email list and notify you should a Kindle version become available.
Where do I go to download the patterns?
There are ten projects included in the book.  To access the patterns, please click on the pattern download email link you received when you purchased the book from  If you did not receive this email (sent a few hours after purchase verification), please check your spam filter.  If you still did not receive the pattern download email, email If you purchased the book from our European or Asia distributor, please visit to enter your purchase details in order to access the pattern download page.  If you purchased the book from eBay, a friend or other source, you will need to a new book from as the patterns are only licensed to the original buyer.
I’m not in the US, can I still claim the bonuses?
Yes! The bonuses are delivered digitally via your email address, so there’s no international shipping charge to worry about.
When will I receive my bonuses and how will they arrive?
All bonus materials will be delivered via email as soon as we can verify your purchase.  Please add to your address book or trusted sender list so these important notifications arrive in your inbox!  If you did not receive this email,  after a few hours, please check your spam folder.   Please note all bonus materials are digital – there are no physical products.
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